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A bowl of brown basmati rice with uncooked rice and ground turmeric in the background

Instant Pot Brown Basmati Rice

Instant Pot Brown Basmati Rice. Looking for a healthy side dish, especially for a curry or dal, ready in about a half an hour? Pressure cook a pot of brown basmati rice. When I’m trying to eat healthy, brown rice is a big help. It’s still wrapped in its bran coating, and, as someone who grew up in the big Bran Fiber boom of the 90’s, I know all about its health benefits. The problem is how much time it takes to cook brown rice. Stovetop white rice takes 30 minutes, in the background, while I prepare the rest of the meal. Brown rice is an hour plus on the stovetop. That is, until my pressure cooker came along. It gets me my rice in that 30 minute window that matches with my weeknight cooking style. Now, I’ve covered brown Jasmine rice on the blog before, but I keep getting questions about brown Basmati rice. So, I’m writing this recipe down to make it easy to reference when I’m asked. The cooking methods are very …

A bowl of ranch potato salad with an Instant Pot and bottle of dressing in the background

Instant Pot Ranch Potato Salad

Instant Pot Ranch Potato Salad. A pair of Midwestern classics – Ranch dressing and potato salad – combined in a pressure cooker recipe. Ranch dressing is the taste of the Midwest (my people!) Personally, I’m a blue cheese dressing guy, but I’m trying not to be judgy. I’ve got a bit of food snob hipster in me…right up until I have a taste for some fast food. (I’ve gone way off track here. Where was I? Oh, yes, Ranch dressing.) Where did Ranch dressing come from? I assumed it was Indiana, or Iowa, or Nebraska, somewhere in the American heartland. It actually came from the Hidden Valley Ranch in Santa Barbara, California…by way of a plumbing contractor working in remote Alaska. Wow, Ranch dressing is a lot more interesting than I ever thought it could be. But, I’m digressing…again. If the dressing of the Midwest is Ranch dressing, the side dish of the Midwest is potato salad. So, when I was looking around for ideas for my pressure cooked potato salad, and saw the two …