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Brown hard boiled eggs on a teal plate

Instant Pot 7-Hour Eggs in 75 minutes (Korean Sauna Eggs)

Forget about 5-5-5 hard-boiled eggs. How about 7 hour eggs, cooked under pressure in an Instant Pot for an hour? Cooked so long the whites turn brown? Instant pot 7-Hour eggs sound so weird. I MUST TRY THEM. The picture of a brown egg inside a white shell grabbed me: Make Korean Sauna Eggs in Your Instant Pot[]. I read the recipe, then started googling around, trying to figure out why it’s “Sauna Eggs”. The story is, Korean bathhouses take advantage of the wet, steamy heat in their saunas to cook eggs all day long. They cook for so long that the eggs brown in the shell. (I also found references to food scientist Harold McGee trying this, getting similar results with an hour of pressure cooking.) Like I said, I had to try this out. Based on Harold McGee’s timings, with my usual adjustment for electric pressure cookers, I went for 75 minutes in my Instant Pot. Water, salt, a rack, and the eggs – that’s everything. Lock the lid, set the pot to …