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A teal bowl of cooked flageolet beans with chunks of lamb and carrot and a sprinkling of thyme leaves on top from the recipe Instant Pot Flageolet Beans with Lamb

Instant Pot Flageolet Beans with Lamb

I got a bag of flageolet beans in my Rancho Gordo bean box and immediately thought of France. Instant Pot Flageolet Beans with Lamb, here we come! This recipe is in memory of Peter Mayle, author of A Year in Provence. He is a large part of why I’m writing this blog; I vicariously visited the south of France through his books, dreaming of lavender and sunshine. Ten years ago I got to live that dream, traveling to Provence and Paris, and taking cooking classes. Six months after that, energized by the trip, I started writing Dad Cooks Dinner. Unfortunately, Mr. Mayle passed away last month at age 78. His last book, My Twenty-Five Years in Provence, is sitting unread on my bedside table. I don’t have the courage to open it yet. Au revoir, Mr. Mayle, and thank you for the inspiration. Flageolet beans (pronounced Fla-zhoh-lay) are small beans, some white, some pale green. They remind me a lot of navy beans and are as Traditional French as you can get without wearing a …

Rotisserie Sirloin Roast |

Rotisserie Sirloin Roast

Thank you to my friends at Certified Angus Beef® Brand for sponsoring DadCooksDinner. Please check hashtags #BestAngusBeef and #Steakholder for more beef recipes, and visit them at the Certified Angus Beef Kitchen Community on Facebook. Thank you! Guys, I just realized – I don’t have a rotisserie Sirloin Roast post! I love a big roast for the holidays, and in my humble1 opinion, a sirloin roast is the best value. It is more tender than an inexpensive eye of round roast, can be cut into thick slabs, and is not as expensive as a rib roast. Also, it is boneless – easy to carve into beautiful, thick slices of juicy beef. My favorite cut of sirloin is the center cut top sirloin roast. It weighs about 6 pounds and comes from a large muscle in the middle of the top sirloin. It is an evenly shaped roast, about a foot long and 6 inches wide, easy to truss and cook on the rotisserie. I ask for it at my grocery store meat counter; they usually …

Rotisserie Duck with Drip Pan Potatoes |

Rotisserie Duck With Drip Pan Potatoes

My friends at Maple Leaf Farms sent me a care package of duck, so I set out to shoot a video of my rotisserie duck recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t really pay attention to the recipe as I was filming. “I know what I’m doing” I thought to myself…hah. I grill the duck and the potatoes, serve dinner, and everyone loves it. A few days later I edit the video, and only then do I notice things I missed. Like…the glaze. And the herbs to stuff in the cavity. Turns out, I made a grilling basics video – rotisserie duck with drip pan potatoes. So…here’s the recipe that actually goes with this video. A few points: If you only eat duck breast medium-rare, this is not the recipe for you. These duck breasts are well done – if not, the legs are too tough to eat. (If you want medium-rare duck breast, buy them separately, and use this recipe on the grill.) Make sure you have a sturdy drip pan. Duck renders out a lot of fat – …