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A yellow bowl of alubia blanca beans with chorizo and a red sauce, with olive oil and smoked Spanish paprika in the background.

Instant Pot Spanish Farm Beans (Alubia Blanca De La Granja)

I read it for the pictures.1 Joanie Simon, YouTube food photographer extraordinaire, recommended Art Culinaire Magazine for photo inspiration. And, boy, is she right – the pictures are art-film worthy, and the professional chef recipes are way beyond what I cook at home.2 But that doesn’t mean they can’t spark ideas. I noticed Rancho Gordo Alubia Blanca beans mentioned in in a high-end Judiones de la Granja recipe from MiniBar in Washington, DC. This quick mention led me down the path to this recipe – Instant Pot Spanish Farm Beans. De la granja means “of the farm” – this recipe is the Spanish farmhouse version of pork and beans. The pork is dried Spanish chorizo; the beans are small white beans – try to get Alubia Blanca beans from Rancho Gordo if you can, but Navy beans make a good substitute. Add onions, lots of garlic, and a heaping helping of Pimenton de la Vera, Spanish smoked paprika. (Spanish smoked paprika is one of my favorite spices.) To soak or not to soak, that is …