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Short ribs with coconut curry sauce in a teal bowl with rice, and bowls of cilantro, shallots, limes, and curry paste in the background

Instant Pot Short Ribs with Coconut Milk and Thai Curry

Bon Appetit’s Short Ribs Slow-Roasted in Coconut Milk inspired me, and I had to do my own take on the recipe. Here it is: Instant Pot Short Ribs with Coconut Milk and Thai Curry. This is a cross-Pacific riff on Thai curry. I borrow the four flavors of Thai food: hot (curry) sour (lime) salty (soy sauce) and sweet (coconut milk). These ribs come out fall-apart tender, and swimming in a flavorful curry sauce. This recipe is not particularly authentic, but it is delicious, and it can be stocked from the International aisle of most grocery stores. It’s also a simple enough recipe to make on a weeknight. The only pre-pressure cooking is a quick sauté of the shallot, garlic, and ginger. After that, it’s dump and stir, and the result is well worth the (minimal) effort. Recipe: Instant Pot Short Ribs with Coconut Milk and Thai Curry Related Posts Pressure Cooker Coconut RicePressure Cooker Thai Panang Beef CurryPressure Cooker Thai Green Chicken CurryPressure Cooker Thai Yellow Chicken CurryMy other Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipes …

Brown hard boiled eggs on a teal plate

Instant Pot 7-Hour Eggs in 75 minutes (Korean Sauna Eggs)

Forget about 5-5-5 hard-boiled eggs. How about 7 hour eggs, cooked under pressure in an Instant Pot for an hour? Cooked so long the whites turn brown? Instant pot 7-Hour eggs sound so weird. I MUST TRY THEM. The picture of a brown egg inside a white shell grabbed me: Make Korean Sauna Eggs in Your Instant Pot[]. I read the recipe, then started googling around, trying to figure out why it’s “Sauna Eggs”. The story is, Korean bathhouses take advantage of the wet, steamy heat in their saunas to cook eggs all day long. They cook for so long that the eggs brown in the shell. (I also found references to food scientist Harold McGee trying this, getting similar results with an hour of pressure cooking.) Like I said, I had to try this out. Based on Harold McGee’s timings, with my usual adjustment for electric pressure cookers, I went for 75 minutes in my Instant Pot. Water, salt, a rack, and the eggs – that’s everything. Lock the lid, set the pot to …

A bowl of beef brisket soup with carrots, green onions, and thyme, in an orange bowl on a slate-gray background

Instant Pot Beef Brisket Soup

“Beef brisket soup? That sounds goooood” said my dental hygienist. “Uhnhuh” I gargled back. It was the usual dentist office conversation – get asked a question (What am I cooking right now? “Instant Pot Beef Brisket Soup”) and then try to carry my side of the conversation with a mouth full of dental tools. But my hygenist is right – this soup is gooood. (I could hear the extra O’s when she said it). The key is homemade beef broth. Yes, you can use store-bought beef broth, but the difference between homemade and store-bought is dramatic. Homemade broth is pressure cooking’s killer feature. Take the time, at least once, to make broth in your Instant pot, and you’ll see what you’re missing. I make a big batch of broth on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and freeze the results. Then I’m stocked up for soup1, and can hurry through the rest of this recipe on a busy weeknight. (And, if you’re really into it, you can make homemade hominy, like I did last week.) Brisket is …