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Portioning Turkey Broth |

PicOfTheWeek: Portioning Turkey Broth

Finishing up this year’s batch of turkey broth. Liquid gold, ready for the freezer! (And to make a bit pot of Day-After-Thanksgiving Soup.) This is batch one of three. I have bones from two turkeys and one turkey breast. Luckily for me, one carcass is from my dad’s smoked turkey – smoked turkey carcasses make fantastic soup. A programming note – this year’s Turkey soup is coming soon. (I’ve been too busy making broth to finish the soup recipe.) If you freeze, say, 8 cups of broth, I’ll have something new for you to try soon.

PicOfTheWeek: More Pasta

Ugh, what a day. Videos not working out, hard drive troubles, manufacturing defects on new equipment. One of those “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all” kind of days. Penne pasta post coming soon – when I can get at the pictures on my hard drive. I’ve got a backup, and a backup to the backup…but I may need a new drive to restore the backups. Grr. (Luckily, this picture was synced to iCloud, so I could post it from my iPad.)