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Measuring Ramekins |

PicOfTheWeek: Measuring Ramekins

I’m (still) testing pressure cooker crème brûlée/caramel/flan recipes, and had to figure out how much my ramekins can hold…so testing came to a halt, and measuring started. (The ramekin in the pic is 4 ounces, from this colorful set.) I found that most “standard” ramekins are 6 ounces, and small ones are 4 ounces…but that is measured all the way up to the brim. In actual use, where you have to worry about spills, they hold about an ounce less – 5 ounces vs 3 ounces.

Pork roasts in a large pot, sprinkled with carrots and onions

PicOfTheWeek: Pork Roasts for a Party

The extended family is coming dinner after my daughter’s Youth Philharmonic concert this afternoon. I need to feed sixteen people, and also be at the concert all afternoon. We’ll get home from the concert with the crowd right on our heels. I don’t want to spend all my time rushing around in the kitchen, so I’m setting up as much of the work ahead of time as possible. My Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder recipe is the key. I tripled the recipe in my massive Le Creuset Dutch Oven, which I affectionately call “Big Blue”. It will roast in the oven all afternoon; we’ll be home around 5:00 PM, and the main course will be waiting for us. At that point, I: Take the lid off the pot to brown the roasts Slide a sheet pan of new potatoes into to the oven Toss a salad Set out some chips. Then I’m done. I can grab a tasty beverage and spend my time talking with the family, not worrying about dinner.

Searing a piece of Bottom Round |

PicOfTheWeek: Searing Rump Roast for Stew

I’m working on some rump roast recipes for my friends at Certified Angus Beef® Brand. First up – testing it in a beef stew. (The official name is “Bottom Round Roast”, but my inner 13-year-old loves calling it “Rump Roast”.) Recipe here: Pressure Cooker Beef Stew with Mushrooms FCC Notice: This post is not paid for by Certified Angus Beef@ Brand, but they are a regular sponsor of Dad Cooks Dinner.

Sorting Chickpeas |

PicOfTheWeek: Sorting Chickpeas

Sorting chickpeas for this week’s recipe- crispy chickpeas coming soon! Why sort beans? Occasionally something slips through the sorting process at the factory. A dirt clod, piece of twig, a stone…I always sort my beans, just in case. I spread them out on a sheet pan shuffle them around, moving them from top to bottom. Then I wait for my brain to say “hey, that looks wrong”, and try to find whatever caught my attention.

Vacuum sealed Ribeye roast with herbs |

PicOfTheWeek: Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas, everybody! Picture from earlier today, Christmas Eve. I’m prepping a pair of sous vide Ribeye roasts for Christmas Dinner. I’m visiting my side of the family in the morning, then coming back home to Akron to host Christmas dinner for the in-laws. (And the outlaws – Hi, Rena!) Sous vide is making that easy – two Ribeye roasts and a Christmas ham will be cooking sous vide while we do our lap of Northeastern Ohio. Thank you for reading, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you and yours! Mike Vrobel Christmas 2017

Portioning Turkey Broth |

PicOfTheWeek: Portioning Turkey Broth

Finishing up this year’s batch of turkey broth. Liquid gold, ready for the freezer! (And to make a bit pot of Day-After-Thanksgiving Soup.) This is batch one of three. I have bones from two turkeys and one turkey breast. Luckily for me, one carcass is from my dad’s smoked turkey – smoked turkey carcasses make fantastic soup. A programming note – this year’s Turkey soup is coming soon. (I’ve been too busy making broth to finish the soup recipe.) If you freeze, say, 8 cups of broth, I’ll have something new for you to try soon.

Testing Pumpkin Cheesecake |

PicOfTheWeek: Testing cheesecake recipes

I’m working on a pumpkin cheesecake recipe…and it’s not cooperating. I think I’m narrowing down the issues – cheesecake on the left cooked for 20 minutes, on the right for 25 minutes. It looks like, between those two times, it goes from “cheesecake” to “soufflé”. I’m going to try cutting the time even more, just to see what it looks like.