New Alton Brown book coming out!

My hero, Alton Brown, is publishing a book to celebrate ten years of his TV show, Good Eats.
*Ten years? Has it been that long? My goodness. I think I’m getting old.
 **In my day, we walked to school. And it was uphill, both there and back. Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!

It’s titled “Good Eats: The Early Years“. He released an entertaining little video, promoting the book – watch to find out how he gets the cameras in all the appliances:

Here’s a link to the publisher’s website, with some sample pages: Good Eats Book Details. []

The book is coming out in October, and pre-orders are available now through Amazon (and many other booksellers, I’m sure.) Mine’s already been placed, of course…

[Update 9/24/09] It was released early; I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now.  And…it is everything I hoped.  I watched all the early episodes of Good Eats over and over.  I tried to make sure I saw each one twice before I deleted it from my Tivo.*  Reading through the summaries, recipes, and behind the scenes information is like spending an evening, catching up on old times with a good friend.
*Yes, I’m a geek.  And I didn’t have kids.  Or a blog.


  1. I wasn’t sure where the best place to post this would be, but in case you missed it The Nerdist recently interviewed Alton Brown. It’s audio gold, but just don’t play out loud with the kids around because there’s some NSFW language here and there. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for the heads-up!

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