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Pic Of The Week: Chicken breast saute using roasting pan

…a trick I learned from Pam Anderson.

UPDATE 2/11/2012
I got a lot of questions about this one. Mainly, “what do you mean?”

It’s a trick for making a saute and a pan sauce for a crowd.

Here’s an example of the saute with pan sauce basic technique: Chicken Breast Saute with Marsala Sauce

Instead of using a frypan or a saute pan, which limits you to three or four chicken breasts, Pam suggests a roasting pan across two burners. The extra surface space makes it possible to cook a lot of chicken in one pass.

(Doesn’t have to be chicken, of course; a saute with a pan sauce works for any tender cut of meat that’s about an inch thick, like steaks or pork cutlets. Check out my list of saute recipes, or get Pam’s How to Cook Without a Book for the basic technique plus a ton of variations.

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  1. I got a bunch of questions about this – I updated the post to explain more.
    Sorry about that; sauteing was the first basic technique I learned. In my head, it was obvious what I was talking about.

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