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PicOfTheWeek: Ba ba ba baby back ribs

45°F one day, 5°F the next plays havoc with my sinuses. The upside? The occasional day where the weather is perfect for winter grilling. (Recipe coming Thursday).

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Hi! I’m Mike Vrobel. I’m a dad and an enthusiastic home cook; an indie cookbook author and food blogger with a day job, a patient spouse, and three kids who would rather have hamburgers for dinner.

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  1. Via SausageSteve

    Ive found your site & have been following your cooking ever since. I’m from se alaska & of course plenty of wet weather! Im also the stay ay home Dad, cook alot & expected to have dinner on when Honey arrives home frm work! I bbq quite a bit, but ive bought an Instant Pot electric press cooker, wow what an invention, frees me up for lots of other activities now!

    Haven’t gotten into sous vid yet. Too high tech for me I think,, I will wait & learn to cook 1st!

    But want to say Hello to ya, oh I bought your rotisserie chicken e book other day! Some awesome eating there buddy! Thanks for the work putting together & low cost. So I’ll be waiting for more rib recipes thurs. I have a 3 rack vac packed bunch. I love to smoke cook em with homemade sauce..oh boy!

    Thanks for being here,, Sausage Steve

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