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PicOfTheWeek: Corn Soup

PicOfTheWeek: Corn Soup | DadCooksDinner.com

PicOfTheWeek: Corn Soup

My air conditioner broke down Friday – just in time for the hottest, most humid day in late August that I can remember. I was determined to do a video for this corn soup – the corn at the local farm stand is breathtaking this time of year – but good lord, 91°F with 97° humidity? I should have ordered a pizza. The corn soup was delicious, but it was so, so hot in the house that my cargo shorts were dripping with sweat by the time I was done.

I’ll stop whining now. The repairman stopped out on a Saturday, and fixed the AC at 8PM, or else we might have had to go to a motel for the evening. I’ll never take my AC for granted again.

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