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PicOfTheWeek: Everything Food Conference #EFC2017

Everything Food Conference 2017 Collage of asparagus, spices, me in front of a colorful mural, and knives | DadCooksDinner.com

Pictures from Everything Food 2017

As this posts, I’m flying over Missouri, on my way back from the Everything Food Conference. (Assuming everything is going well. If not, I’m probably stuck at DFW airport, wondering if I’ll ever leave. Wish me luck!)

I had a great time with my fellow food bloggers, taking classes, talking shop, comparing notes, muttering darkly about Facebook and Google “changing the algorithm…again…”. I learned a lot, ate a lot, and my brain is full – I’m ready to come home.

And yes, I’m cheating by making “PicOfTheWeek” a collage. Pics of the week? I couldn’t pick just one. If you want to see more from my trip, check out my Instagram – that’s my default “Pictures while I’m on the road” posting place.

I’ll leave you with my favorite shot of the week, a time lapse of the sponsor booths right after they opened the floodgates and let us at them:

Visiting the sponsor booths at #EFC2017 – lots of great brands to meet with and samples to try. #somanysamplessolittletime

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  1. Great to see you and dish the dirt on the dark side of blogging. Hope you had safe travels and look forward to more updates from the blogosphere!

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