PicOfTheWeek: Kebabs!

Kebabs on the grill | DadCooksDinner.com

Kebabs on the grill

Did you see me complain on Instagram about the weather on Friday?

April 7th. Sheesh. #snowsnowgoaway

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Two days later, and it’s 70°F with blue skies. (#snowsnowgoaway sure worked.) I have to grill. I have to!


  1. Laura Bonner /

    Looks delicious! I would love to know where you found your kebab skewers. Have been looking for flat ones like yours but have not found any decent ones.

  2. Cary Hill /

    Mike, the look delicious. I have always been taught to leave some space between each piece. What is your opinion?

  3. Cary Hill /

    Sorry Mike. Did not see recipe before responding and did not realize it was ground meat

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