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PicOfTheWeek: Mistakes Were Made…Twice

Airing out the inside of my Instant Pots

Someone (who will remain nameless) was in a hurry when they set out to make Instant Pot Deviled Eggs. They didn’t realize the inner pot was in the dish drain, and they poured the cup of water into the Instant Pot base. Then, in even more of a hurry, they grabbed another Instant Pot base…again without the inner pot, which was in the sink…and poured in another cup of water. (They figured it out when they got the third pot from the basement shelf.)

So, my Instant Pots spent the last few days airing out. They’re working fine now, but it was worrying to see water all over the inside of the pot…

Recipe: Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Resource: What to Do if I Dump Liquid Into My Instant Pot Without the Pot Liner

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  1. vicuna1 says

    I did it with dry pinto beans once. There is still a bean rattle when I move it as a reminder to double check.

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