1. Sigrid Trombley says

    Tim is the spitting image of you, Mike.

    I think you should have purchased the wok, Mike. You could have rocked, er I mean woked the neighborhood.

    • I know! But, really, I’m not sure if it would have fit in the car, and we would have looked silly driving down the freeway, with the wok on the roof, a hand out each side of the car holding on to a handle… 🙂

  2. Cary Hill says

    What a deal that would have made but you would have had to buy a propane burner to go with it unless you have a gigantic gas stove. And then of course a place to store it along with your multiple pressure cookers, etc. I often have to show constraint because my wife scrutinizes all my future cookware and appliance purchases. I hope you and yours are well and healthy

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