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PicOfTheWeek: Now That’s a Wok

Tim with the Big Wok

My daughter’s birthday lunch was Dim Sum at Li Wah in Cleveland’s Asia Plaza. Afterwards, wandering through the cooking equipment at the back of the Park To Shop Asian market, I found this beauty – a massive carbon steel wok for $29.95. I almost bought it…much to the dismay of the rest of the family.

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Hi! I’m Mike Vrobel. I’m a dad and an enthusiastic home cook; an indie cookbook author and food blogger with a day job, a patient spouse, and three kids who would rather have hamburgers for dinner.


  1. Cary Hill says

    What a deal that would have made but you would have had to buy a propane burner to go with it unless you have a gigantic gas stove. And then of course a place to store it along with your multiple pressure cookers, etc. I often have to show constraint because my wife scrutinizes all my future cookware and appliance purchases. I hope you and yours are well and healthy

  2. Sigrid Trombley says

    Tim is the spitting image of you, Mike.

    I think you should have purchased the wok, Mike. You could have rocked, er I mean woked the neighborhood.

    • I know! But, really, I’m not sure if it would have fit in the car, and we would have looked silly driving down the freeway, with the wok on the roof, a hand out each side of the car holding on to a handle… 🙂

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