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PicOfTheWeek: Portioning Turkey Broth

Portioning Turkey Broth | DadCooksDinner.com

Portioning Turkey Broth

Finishing up this year’s batch of turkey broth. Liquid gold, ready for the freezer! (And to make a bit pot of Day-After-Thanksgiving Soup.)

This is batch one of three. I have bones from two turkeys and one turkey breast. Luckily for me, one carcass is from my dad’s smoked turkey – smoked turkey carcasses make fantastic soup.

A programming note – this year’s Turkey soup is coming soon. (I’ve been too busy making broth to finish the soup recipe.) If you freeze, say, 8 cups of broth, I’ll have something new for you to try soon.

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  1. Susan in Las Vegas says

    Have you considered pressure canning your broth? It saves freezer space, and you don’t need to defrost. Plus, you’d get to get another pressure cooker!

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