1. Chris Lukowski says

    You know, it’s times like this that make me really depressed scientists haven’t worked out Star Trek style human teleportation. I want to be there. So bad. (NJ’s a bit of a drive from your neck of the woods)

  2. I live in the Dayton area and Kroger has done something like that, called “Fresh Fare”. Probably not on such a grand scale. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in that Giant Eagle and it was plenty big and confusing for someone not used to them

  3. That is amazing, Mike. Great post. I didn’t even realize the Market District/Giant Eagle distinction. And Emu eggs? Oh my goodness. At least it’s only 8 minutes away from my church, so perhaps I can go for a visit.

    I loved the motivational advice the most. I love that “reverse engineer your success” thinking.

  4. falcon0370 says

    Great article! I will be within walking distance to the new one they are building in Cuyahoga Falls. (closer for you as well)

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