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PicOfTheWeek: Small Batch of Chicken Stock

When you work on a rotisserie chicken grilling book, you have a lot of leftover chicken. (Ask my kids – or, on second thought, don’t ask them. You’ll get an earful of whining about “not chicken agggaiiinnn.”)

To use up all the carcasses, we’ve been eating a lot of soup. Here’s a few recipes from the archives:

  • Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock (I’m using the “no pressure cooker, no worries” version in this picture, obviously; I was puttering around the kitchen all afternoon, so leaving the stock simmering in the oven was no big deal.)
  • Then I used the stock to make Turkey Noodle Soup. (Yes, I know the recipe says “Turkey Noodle Soup – that’s OK, I was improvising.)
  • But what the kids really wanted was Tortilla Soup. That’s OK – I have plenty of chicken carcasses in the fridge, I’ll make that next week.

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