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Picoftheweek: Sous Vide Teriyaki New York Strip Steaks #BestBeef

PicOfTheWeek: Sous vide teriyaki New York strip steaks | DadCooksDinner.com

Sous vide teriyaki New York strip steaks

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My friends at Certified Angus Beef asked me to be a brand ambassador for the next year. Of course I said yes – I love their beef. They were kind enough to send me a few steaks as part of the deal – some awesome, extra-thick New York Strip steaks. My kids are on a Teriyaki kick, so I made sous vide teriyaki steaks. (Put a steak in a freezer zip-top bag and pour in a teriyaki sauce to cover. Then, s-l-o-w-l-y lower the bag into the water, forcing all the air out. When all the air is squeezed out of the bag, zip the top and drop the sealed bag into the water bath.)


  1. Hey, that looks like a Joule keeping temp in your water bath. I got mine a few weeks ago and am having fun? Eggs, overnight bacon, a chuck roast and tenderloin so far.

    Enjoy your site very much and appreciate all your posts. Used your recipes for rotisserie turkey last year, and several times since, thanks!

  2. Frank Fulmer says

    Have you used sous vide to cook a chuck roast? How do you feel about it requireing 18 hours to cook? Is this something you have to be aware of with a busy schedule? How do you work it in. I am curious, I just have a hard time getting my head around 18 hours to cook a roast.

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