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PicOfTheWeek: Time lapsing

PicOfTheWeek: Time lapsing | DadCooksDinner.com

PicOfTheWeek: Time lapsing

Sorry for the late PicOfTheWeek: I spent most of my blogging time on Sunday on tech support. It’s a boring story, only interesting in the details if you are a blogger 1.

But it has a big takeaway for anyone who uses a computer: Back up your data! There’s a good chance DadCooksDinner would still be down if I didn’t have a working backup.

So, back to food…sorta. OK, not really, it’s more of a Behind Blogging picture. Here’s the setup I’m using for my first time-lapse recipe video. I clamped my camera to the cabinet over my pressure cooker and went to work.

Update: I was asked about the equipment I’m using in this setup:

Clamp to hold on to the cabinet

Arm to hold the camera in place

Camera and Lens

White foam board

And, of course my Pressure Cooker


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