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Throwback Thursday: Fix Tortellini en Brodo

A white bowl with tortellini in broth on a reddish-brown wood background
Pressure Cooker Tortellini en Brodo

Who knew clear broth would be so controversial? When I used 8 ounces of ground beef to clarify the broth for my tortellini en brodo, I got a lot of angry and confused comments.

(They weren’t angry, they were just…disappointed.)

Clarifying broth with ground meat, egg white, or a combination of both is a trick from French consommé. The protein congeals into a raft, acting as a natural filter and absorbing a lot of the impurities in the broth. When you skim off the raft, what’s left is a clear broth.1

But 8 ounces of ground beef crossed some sort of line. “That’s wasteful” seemed to underly the comments. I kind of get it – It wasn’t a cheap broth to begin with, using chicken wings and oxtail as well as the ground beef. (Let alone all of the vegetables.) On the other hand, an ultra-rich broth is the point of the recipe. If all I am serving is broth and tortellini, I want as rich of a broth as possible.

Of course, you can use a refrigerator velcro homemade broth with this recipe, making the broth out of scraps and leftover chicken bones. (Or buy cheap chicken backs or necks at the grocery store.) It will be a great soup. But this recipe will give you that extra level of finesse.

Recipe Link: Pressure Cooker Tortellini en Brodo

Everything in the pot

What do you think?

Questions? Still mad about wasting the ground beef? Talk about it in the comments section below.

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  1. I should try using egg whites in the pot.

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