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Throwback Thursday: Paella!

Paella at the Cottage

My family demanded paella. Demanded, I tell you!

I was packing for my family vacation at our cottage on Lake Erie, and Diane asked if I was bringing my paella pan. When we got there, my brother asked if I brought my pan, and my Dad asked if he could buy the seafood. Paella? of course…once I run back home for the pan, which I forgot to put in the car. (I had to go back for my hernia surgery anyhow. The surgery went fine, thanks for asking.)

Paella is THE traditional Spanish dish, with rice, seafood, chorizo, and a pinch of saffron, cooked outdoors over a wood fire. It’s their equivalent of our backyard barbecue – cooked by the guys, gathered around the fire with a tasty beverage to keep them hydrated while they stir the pan over the heat.

I make paella on my kettle grill to add that hint of smoke. Paella pans are wide and shallow to cook the rice properly. Which is another reason to use the grill; stove burners are way too small to heat the pan if you’re cooking for a crowd. And I am cooking for a crowd at the cottage. (There were 16 of us, counting the kids). My recipe is for a 16-inch paella pan, which fits my 22.5-inch Weber kettle perfectly. (The handles stick out a few inches on each side. But, I think I need to upgrade my pan for next summer. I bring my jumbo 26.5-inch kettle to feed the horde, and I could use a bigger pan to fit it. Time to go shopping at (Not a sponsorship or affiliate link – I just like the pans, and own a 13-inch and 16-inch from them.)

Recipe: Grilled Paella with Shellfish, Chorizo, and Chicken (Paella Mixta)

Recipe Link: Grilled Paella with Shellfish, Chorizo, and Chicken (Paella Mixta)

What do you think?

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