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Throwback Thursday: Pulled Pork on a Kettle Grill

BBQ Pulled Pork on a Kettle Grill (Grilling Basics) |

BBQ Pulled Pork on a Kettle Grill (Grilling Basics)


Programming note: I’m on vacation for most of July, out of town with my family. To keep the blog posts coming, I’m doing Throwback Thursdays, bringing back popular recipes from the archives. (This also forces me to update older the formatting on older recipes. Win-win!)

Throwback Recipe Link: BBQ Basics: Pulled Pork (on a kettle grill)

I wanted to do more low and slow BBQ on my kettle grill this summer, so I did what I always do – I got a new gadget.1 I bought a BBQ Guru digital temperature controller, drilled a 1-inch hole in my jumbo 26.5 inch kettle grill just below the grill grate, and plugged it in for a test run with some pulled pork. The BBQ Guru is a blower controlled by a thermometer that you put in the grill. When the grill gets too cool, the fan turns on and fires up the coals; when the grill gets too cool, the fan shuts off and cools the grill down. pork. I’ll have more news on the BBQ Guru later – my cook ran hot because I haven’t figured out how to set my vents properly yet to let it do its thing. It looks promising, but with my top vent wide open the grill was running way too hot. If have a BBQ guru with my pulled pork recipe, set it to 250°F and let it control the temperature for you.

Check out the recipe here: BBQ Basics: Pulled Pork (on a kettle grill)

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