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Time Lapse Tuesday: Kitchen Alchemy with Browned Chicken Broth

Pressure Cooker Browned Chicken Broth |

Stocking up on broth

Chicken broth is kitchen alchemy. It turns scraps and waste into liquid gold. A good broth is the main ingredient in pan sauces, adds depth to stews and chilis, and is the backbone of chicken soup.

There are two ways to make chicken broth – from leftovers, and from scratch. For leftovers, you need the bones from a roast chicken or two, plus an onion.

This recipe is slightly more involved; it is what I use when I don’t have a roast chicken carcass, and I need to buy the ingredients from the grocery store. I start with chicken backs, $0.49 a pound in the freezer at my local Acme grocery store, and add a mix of aromatics – carrot, celery, garlic, and onion, plus some bay leaves.

Wings also work really well for broth – they have lots of connective tissue, which makes for a rich, gelatin filled broth – but wings are expensive. (If you make a lot of chicken wings, save the wing tips in a bag in the freezer for broth.)

If I’m feeling adventurous, I go to the poultry specialists downtown and get a mix of backs, necks, and feet. Yes, feet – they also have lots of connective tissue. I thought that chicken feet in a video might be a bit too much, though, so I skipped them in this recipe. (That, and I am too lazy to make the trip downtown just for stock ingredients; the pack of backs from the grocery store works just fine.)

One other thing – is this broth, or is this stock? The two terms mean the same thing nowadays. In the old times, according to French cooking tradition, stock meant more bones than meat, and broth meant more meat than bones. The whole “bone broth” trend scrambled the definition, to the point where the two terms are essentially interchangeable. The upside to the bone broth trend? Sometimes, for lunch, I have a jar of this broth, reheated in the microwave, with a pinch of salt. I’m telling you, it’s liquid gold.


Pressure Cooker Browned Chicken Broth – Time Lapse []

Here is the original recipe: Pressure Cooker Browned Chicken Broth

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