Rotisserie Grilling

Rotisserie Grilling by Mike Vrobel
50 Recipes For Your Grill’s Rotisserie

50 Recipes For Your Grill’s Rotisserie, plus advice for beginners, tips, techniques, and the science behind rotisserie cooking.

About the Book

Do you have a rotisserie for your grill? This is the cookbook for you.

There are fifty recipes with pictures – black and white in the paperback edition, full color in the Kindle edition – you are sure to find a new favorite.
* The Kindle edition is in Kindle Matchbook – if you buy the paperback, you get a discount on the full color Kindle edition.

If you are just starting out, Rotisserie Grilling will teach you the basics. How do you set up the rotisserie? What equipment do you need? How do you secure food on the rotisserie spit? It’s all explained. Then you can move on to simple recipes for rotisserie chicken, turkey, and prime rib.
If you love your rotisserie, and are looking for new ideas, Rotisserie Grilling will get your creative juices flowing. From Cornish game hens stuffed with brown and wild rice to dry rubbed baby back ribs; from rotisserie pineapple with a cinnamon sugar crust to pork loin stuffed with dried fruit.
Now, get outside and start grilling on your rotisserie!

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About the Author

Mike Vrobel

Mike is passionate about cooking, much to the annoyance of his three picky-eater kids and his long suffering wife. (He promises that dinner will be done in fifteen minutes. Twenty, tops.)

Mike writes about enthusiastic home cooking, especially with his rotisserie, grill, and pressure cooker. He lives in Copley, Ohio.


  1. Richard Snead says

    Beth and Mike,
    This discussion very useful. I have similar issue – a new Alfresco Grills 29″ – except worse because one of my burners is the ceramic IR sear plate, not moderable. Further, a spitted 15lb turkey or 10lb ham is going to be in close proximity to the IR rotisserie burner … guess I’ll find out how quickly the outside is seared. Me thinks some combination of the above may likely be needed, including biasing the meat to side of the unlit burner (in my case the IR sear plate). The Alfresco’s rotisserie burner is almost full length; so I think this is possible. All thoughts certainly welcome. Will let everyone know how it turns out, and lessons learned.

  2. Hi Mike! I just discovered your site while searching for a rotisserie cookbook. We love to grill, but never busted out the rotisserie on our last grill. We recently completed an outdoor kitchen and got a little carried away with our grill—it cost more than my kitchen stove! We were really excited to take advantage of the rotisserie (with built-in motor) of this new fancy schmancy grill. Here’s the problem—being retirees, we bought a 30-inch two burner (with smoker box) which is plenty big for our grilling purposes, BUT how can we achieve indirect heat with only two burners?? If we position the meat to one side over the non lit burner then it won’t be in front of the IR rotisserie burner. Are we dead in the water? Gah!

    • That’s a tough one. My first thought is: can you use just the infrared rotisserie burner? If it can get the inside of the grill hot enough on its own – say, 350°F or higher – then you can probably use it all by itself. You’ll have to watch out for burning, though, because IR burners are powerful.

      How I would use it: IR burner on full for the first half hour to hour, to get browning started, then turn the IR Burner down to low (250°F to 300°F) and cook on low heat until the food is done. I know this will mess up recipe timing, but that’s OK – internal temperature is a better way to tell if the food is done anyhow.

      Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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