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Short ribs with coconut curry sauce in a teal bowl with rice, and bowls of cilantro, shallots, limes, and curry paste in the background

Instant Pot Short Ribs with Coconut Milk and Thai Curry

Instant Pot Short Ribs with Coconut Milk and Thai Curry. Pressure cooked ribs, braised in coconut milk, with the Thai flavor combination of hot, sour, salty and sweet. I read Bon Appetit’s Short Ribs Slow-Roasted in Coconut Milk recipe, and I had to do my own take on the recipe. This is a cross-Pacific riff on Thai curry. I borrow the four flavors of Thai food: hot (curry) sour (lime) salty (soy sauce) and sweet (coconut milk). These ribs come out fall-apart tender, and swimming in a flavorful curry sauce. It is not particularly authentic, but it is delicious, and can be stocked from the International aisle of most grocery stores. It’s also a simple enough recipe to make on a weeknight. The only pre-pressure cooking is a quick sauté of the shallot, garlic, and ginger. After that, it’s dump and stir, and the result is well worth the (minimal) effort. Serve it with some simple white rice, or make a batch of coconut rice (to match the coconut ribs) if you’re feeling fancy. Recipe: …