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Guest Post on ThreeManyCooks: Winter Grilling with Grilled Lamb Loin Chops

Time to go shovel the deck Check out my guest post on ThreeManyCooks: Winter Grilling and Grilled Lamb Loin Chops with Grilled Fennel If you are visiting from ThreeManyCooks, welcome! Check out my grilling recipes here. Check out my weeknight grilling recipes here. And, if you have a rotisserie for your grill (my specialty), check out my rotisserie recipes here. As I’ve said many times before, Pam Anderson has been a huge influence on my cooking. I love reading the stories about life and cooking that Pam and her daughters, Maggy and Sharon, share on ThreeManyCooks.com. I am delighted to get a chance to be a guest on their blog. *And…I hope my picture is one of the drawings by Kevin, their nephew/cousin/artist in residence. Yep – there it is! Thank you, Pam, Maggy and Sharon! *Enjoyed this post? Want to help out DadCooksDinner? Subscribe using your RSS reader or by Email, recommend DadCooksDinner to your friends, or buy something from Amazon.com through the links on this site. Thank you!

Korean Grilled Short Ribs (Kalbi) | DadCooksDinner.com

Korean Grilled Short Ribs (Kalbi)

This recipe is the most authentic lettuce wrap that I know – Korean grilled short ribs, or Kalbi. Lettuce wraps are a favorite way to sneak extra vegetables into my diet. We serve them like we do “taco night” – everything goes on the table, and people assemble their own wraps. Of course, the kids won’t touch the lettuce, so they just grab the rest of the components of the meal. This is authentic, easy to make, and quick to cook. All the ingredients are available at your local grocery store. Sounds too good to be true, right? The hard part is finding the ribs cut this way. Check out your local Asian market, or ask your butcher to cut some short ribs very thin – 1/4″ thick is what you want, but 1/2″ thick is OK. *Or substitute thin sliced flank steak or skirt steak – see the notes. Korean Grilled Short Ribs (Kalbi) recipe Equipment: Grill (I used a Weber Summit 650. Here it is.) Food processor or blender (I used my KitchenAid …

Grilled Pineapple

This is another recipe that’s so simple, it’s barely a recipe. When it’s grilling season*, I always pick up a pineapple at the grocery store so I can make this as a quick side disk. *Yes, I know it’s not grilling season.  I apologize if you’ve been puzzled by my choice of January recipes.  I always get the urge to grill at this time of the year.  I think it’s how I cope with seasonal affective disorder.  Or it’s cabin fever.  Either way, I have fun! Natalie, my daughter, loves this dish. She’s a small five year old, and will seemingly eat her body weight in pineapple. Recipe:Grilled PineappleIngredients: 1 Pineapple Trimming the skin off the pineapple Directions:1. Clean and cut the pineapple: First, trim the top and bottom off the pineapple. Then, stand it up on its end and, using the “eyes” you can see on the top as a guide, cut a strip of the pineapple’s skin off from top to bottom. Now you should be able to see the depth of the …

Chinese BBQ Boneless Ribs

Pork shoulder (aka Boston Butt, or Pork Butt**) is one of my favorite cuts of meat. I’m particularly fond of using it as “ribs” – which are sold in my local grocery store as “western ribs”, but are really just 2″ thick slices of pork shoulder roast. They cost a LOT less than real ribs do around here – as low as $1.29/lb, where spare ribs never seem to go below $2.19 a pound. When you consider all the extra meat you get out of the western ribs as compared to the spare ribs, it is quite the deal.* *That’s not to say I don’t like real ribs – just not often. At those prices, when so much of what you’re paying for is bone, I can only bring myself to buy them a couple of times a summer. Where did we go wrong? The ribs are supposed to be the cheap cut, the throwaway part that you can get cheap. I guess they got too popular. Sniffle. I’ll be OK, I just need a …