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Time Lapse Thursday: Quick Italian Meat Sauce

Pressure Cooker Italian Meat Sauce |

Pressure Cooker Italian Meat Sauce

There was an Italian restaurant in downtown Cleveland, famous for its endlessly simmering sauce. They had the same pot of sauce going for over 100 years, with new ingredients added to top it off as needed. It closed a few decades ago, but the image of a pot of sauce, simmering forever on the stove, constantly refreshed, stuck with me. 1

This is not that sauce. Quite the opposite.

This is my quick weeknight meat sauce, and one of the few pressure cooker meals my kids lobby for when I am making my grocery list. Someday I am gonna bag to do a real-deal Bolognese sauce in the pressure cooker; until then, I cheat with Italian sausage and get this recipe on the table ASAP.

For those wondering about the video frame rate: I went with 12fps, sped up to 24 during the slowest parts. The voting is…confused. 12fps started out ahead. 24fps staged a furious comeback, and surged into the lead. 12fps made a late recovery, pulled ahead briefly, but then 24 caught up again. Right now, 24 is leading, but it is close – roughly 55% of the vote is going for 24fps.

So, why did I go with 12fps? Well…I edited this video early in the voting, when 12 looked like it was running away, and before 24 started to surge. Then 24 took the lead, so I re-edited it. Then 12 made its late comeback, so I switched it back. I’m not sure which way I’m going to go yet for the long term – but I have to stop messing with this video, so I’m putting it out there at 12fps.

Here’s my video for a quick weeknight Pressure Cooker Italian Meat Sauce:


Pressure Cooker Italian Meat Sauce – Time Lapse []

And, here is the original recipe: Pressure Cooker Italian Meat Sauce

What do you think?

Questions? Other ideas? Leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. BrianF says

    Eh. Okay. I was overcome with boredom and looked away as others here were talking but I’ll print the recipe and give it a try. Your method was the best, I feel, before the controversy.

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