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All Clad Factory Sale – Winter 2012

All-Clad Factory Sale: Winter 2012
*The dates for this winter’s All-Clad factory sale have been announced, so I’m posting a heads-up for my readers…

All-Clad’s factory is located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Twice a year, on the first weekend in June and December, All-Clad holds a factory seconds sale at the Washington County Fair and Expo Center.

The 2012 winter sale is Friday November 30th and Saturday December 1st. Hours are Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Washington County Fair and Expo Center:
2151 North Main Street
Washington, PA 15301
Phone: 724-225-7718
Website: WashingtonFair.org

This is about a two hour drive from the Akron area. You get prices from 40% to 70% off on factory seconds. In most cases, the damage is cosmetic; a little scratching on the stainless, or a lid handle that’s a bit offset from center.

All Clad has most of their line of cookware available, but not all. Some favorites (like the 12″ stainless fry pan and its lid) are hard to find. Overall, though, it’s an amazing value. Make sure to arrive early – there is always a long line to get into the sale, and I’ve had up to an hour wait.
[Update: I’ve heard from readers that the lines are much shorter later in the day – they’ve been able to walk right into the sale in the afternoon.]


Q: What forms of payment do they take?
A: I’ve used Visa and MasterCard, and I know they take cash and checks. Not sure about other credit cards.

Q: Does it matter which day I go? Is stuff only available on Friday?
A: I’ve been there both Friday and Saturday morning, and have never been disappointed. They re-stock throughout the day; I’ve seen pallets of their special deals coming in during the sale. They seem to have a large stock of their best deals. That said, certain items (12 inch lids, their pasta multi-pot) disappeared quickly when I was there, so I think some of the items are first come, first serve. My advice? If there is a specific item you want badly, and you can make it early on Friday, do it. (Be prepared to stand in line.) If you can’t make it early in the day, don’t let that stop you – the sale is still worth the trip. You’ll still get good deals and selection.

*I am debating about going. My batterie de cuisine is well stocked. And yet…I still want their Electric Pressure Cooker. Then they went and announced a new line of knives. I’m a sucker for a new knife. Oh, my poor, aching checking account…

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  1. twin2kie says

    Thanks! If i get scared i am soooo gonna pull over and leave a comment 🙂

  2. twin2kie says

    I plan on driving from Chicago for the sale this June 2013, if they have one. Does anyone know if i have to drive thru mountains? I mean the kind that are 2 lane roads and I can look down and see the drop. I do not want to be freaked out while driving there.

  3. The sale will be the first weekend in July – keep an eye out on my site for an announcement (or on All-Clad’s Facebook page, they usually announce it there.)

    You don’t need a ticket – just show up and get in line. It sounds like, if you get there later in the day, the lines are shorter, but there’s a little less selection.

  4. candid one says

    Hi Mike,
    It was nice to read your post. I like All-Clad too & have just started my collection with d5 4qt essential pan…must say it’s wonderful. I am verymuch interested in visiting the All-Clad Seconds sale in Pennsylvania, but would like to know if I have to book my place or ticket before hand or everyone is welcomed there? I am talking about July 2013 sale is I am not making a mistake.

  5. Kathie says

    Went Saturday AM. Got there at 9 in by about 10. Searing crockpots sold out on Friday, but had a great selection of everything else. Came home very pleased. 2hour drive from Ohio was worth it. Will go back in the summer

  6. ichiban186 says

    got to the fairgrounds at 10:30; took 2 1/2 hrs to get in; the queque was out the door. had I waited until 12- 12:30 there was no line outside and the interior line wait would have been no more than 45 minutes. They did not have a big stock of cookie sheets; apparently they sold out in 15 minutes. they had a few specials. it was an adventure.

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