Dad Cooks Dinner 2016 Survey

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My high tech video setup

The holiday rush is over. From the week before Thanksgiving through to New Years Day, Dad Cooks Dinner is hopping. 1 Now we are entering the slow season – February is always my least traffic month. I’m going through my New Year’s Resolutions (write a pressure cooking cookbook, make more videos), and I thought to myself – “Self, 2 that’s great, I love resolutions. But…what do my readers want?”

So, I created a survey at HotJar. I want to find out more about you, my readers.3 What do you like about Dad Cooks Dinner? What do you want more of?

Dad Cooks Dinner 2016 Reader Survey []

Please click on that link, and fill out the survey? I’m looking forward to finding out what you think. (If the results are interesting to anyone but me, I’ll share what I find out on the blog.)

Mike Vrobel

  1. My highest page view day of the year is Christmas, followed closely by Thanksgiving. Then Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving Eve, 4th of July, Father’s day, and Easter, In that order.

  2. Yes, that’s an Emeril reference. Bam!

  3. My faithful, intelligent, and good looking readers, who all have fantastic taste in food.


  1. I like the use of the white backdrop. Is that a special photography paper or just some white card stock?

  2. Sigrid Trombley /

    I would be interested in seeing the results of your survey, Mike.

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