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DadCooksDinner and the Scale of Doom – January 2019

20 pounds too much


My weight has crept up again over the last year. (One of the occupational hazards of food blogging.) I want to weigh 225 pounds; I was so close last summer. Then I had hernia surgery and sat around for a couple of weeks recovering. More important, I stopped paying attention to what I ate at about that time and my weight started creeping up.

To slow down the extra pounds, I started exercising a few months ago, determined to fill the exercise rings on my Apple watch. And, even though I’ve met my exercise goal for (checks phone) the last 131 days, my weight still went up. It seems to have leveled off, bouncing around 245 pounds for the last month or so. That’s…not good.

It’s the New Year, and it’s time to carefully follow my rules for losing weight. Portion control is the big one – I keep reaching for a second helping, even when I know I shouldn’t.

Wish me luck…

What do you think?

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Hi! I’m Mike Vrobel. I’m a dad and an enthusiastic home cook; an indie cookbook author and food blogger with a day job, a patient spouse, and three kids who would rather have hamburgers for dinner.


  1. Laurie says

    You prepare such incredible food, it is easy to reach for seconds. Try a glass of water instead of the 2nd helping to top off the full feeling.

    I have been using your wonderful rotisserie recipes with my convection rotisserie oven. Seeing your pressure cooker recipes, I had to buy one and can not wait to try your German Pot Roast with Mustard!

    Not that I want to add to your kitchen gadget collection, but you need an Air Fryer. My dear husband has dropped a few pounds with this addition to my kitchen. Perfect chicken without oil in 25 minutes. I would love to see the recipes you would invent for the Air Fryer.

    Thank you for your blog and recipes!

  2. Totally agree that there’s not a one size fits all solution, but for me drastically cutting sugar and minimizing simple carbs have been best approach for both weight loss and feeling better physically. This is not Atkins per se because focus is on lots of low starch vegetables and small portions of high qualIty fats and meats. Cooking at home is key which is how I found your site! Good luck!!

  3. Susan H says

    As my yoga instructor always says, “you lose weight in the kitchen; you gain health in the gym.” Don’t be discouraged if your exercise gains are not reflected on the scale. Good luck on your journey–I’m on the same one.

  4. I feel your pain. I seem to lose the same pound or two every week. Good luck with backing away from the table. Happy new year! I love my instantpot.

  5. Terry says

    Good luck with it! Something I found that helped me was the size of the plate or bowl I ate out of. I found that a little food on a large plate/bowl made me want more, but if I put that same amount on a smaller plate/bowl, it looked like a lot. I also usually went back for seconds. Having a small amount the filled up the smaller plate/bowl, and then going back for one more scoop, my mind felt satisfied.

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