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Things are tough out there right now.

*Layoffs! Global economic meltdown! Swine Flu! North Korea launching missiles! Pirates on the high seas!
Instead of going back to bed, and hiding under the covers, why don’t we do something useful? If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably better off than 99% of the world’s population. Here are suggestions from two of my culinary heroes on how to help people who have less than we do:

Michael Ruhlman: Donate to Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to feeding hungry children in America. Michael’s giving three copies of his new book, Ratio (which I love, and talk about a bit here), along with his favorite kitchen scale, to people who donate through this link.

[Added 4/29:] I just realized that Michael’s contest only runs through 4/30/2009. It’s a good cause, and they deserve your donation, so go ahead and donate anyhow.

Alton Brown: Donate to Heifer International, an organization dedicated to helping the world’s poor through the donation of…a goat. The family that receives the goat gets wool, milk, and passes some of the goat’s offspring on to their neighbors…I’m not explaining this well, so I’ll turn things over to the man himself:

Click this link to donate.

Thank you!

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