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Five Fun Food Finds September 2015

Misen Chef’s Knife

Misen Chef’s Knife

1. Misen Chef’s Knife at Kickstarter
The guys at Misen are designing a great chef’s knife at a reasonable price. They let me take a look at their Kickstarter ahead of time, and I’m itching for it to go live – I’m ordering one (with the blue handle!) as soon as the Kickstarter opens.1 Check it out:
Misen: Cook Sharp [kickstarter.com]

2. Mesquite – Threat or Menace?
Daniel Vaughn at Texas Monthly has a great explanation of mesquite as a smoking wood. Why is it so popular in Texas…but so unpopular with famous Texas pitmasters? Read on:
Smoking with Mesquite: The Arc of a Pest’s Popularity

3. Kenji Alt – The Food Lab Cookbook
I know, I know. I talk about this book ALL THE TIME. But today is yesterday was the official release date, so I have to mention it again. I got my copy a little early, and already I’m in love. Kenji’s explanation of the difference between temperature and specific heat is the best I’ve ever read. 2 Order on Amazon here:
The Food Lab Cookbook [Amazon.com]

4. GIR Spatula
While we’re talking about ordering stuff on Amazon3[/footnote], here’s my new favorite kitchen tool: the GIR Ultimate 11 inch all silicone spatula. (Thanks to The SweetHome for the tip.) Easy to use, easy to clean, heatproof, and available in a rainbow of colors. (Mine are red and tangerine).
GIR Spatula [Amazon.com]

5. My guest posts on Weber.com
Not to toot my own horn,4 but I’ve been writing guest posts about rotisserie grilling for Weber.com’s blog. Check out:
Rotisserie Onions
Rotisserie Pineapple
Rotisserie Drip Pan Potatoes

Bonus: Mike’s Night at the Grill

No, the other Mike…freind of the blog Mike Lang from AnotherPintPlease.com shot this fantastic video for Weber:


What do you think?

Questions? Other ideas? Fun food finds I missed? Leave them in the comments section below.


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  1. Tagore Smith says

    I just got in on the Misen campaign, based on a Kenji Alt recommendation. I have a pretty good MAC (the better MACs are a great value in decent knives, IMHO,) a couple of Chinatown beaters for hacking through things, and I’m thinking about getting a good high-carbon knife, but I’d like another good stainless knife. It does make me a bit nervous buying a knife I haven’t had a chance to try, but the price is right if the knife is as good as Kenji says, and I tend to trust him. It’s reassuring to hear that you liked it too.

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