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Giveaway Winner for Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

We have a winner!

Thank you for the great pressure cooker stories. (To see the stories, read the comments attached to this post.)

Now, I have to remind everyone – modern pressure cookers are a lot safer than the pressure cookers our grandmothers used. They have multiple safety valves. The worst case scenario is the pressure gasket pushing out and a noisy blast of steam escaping into the kitchen.

The winner, selected by Random.org is comment #40, by Stephanie.

Her story:

The first time I used a pressure cooker, I was at my boyfriend’s parents house. I followed directions to a TEE! (Er.) I actually still do not know how my pot roast ended up everywhere. Peas and carrots as far as the eye could see. SUPER, super fun and not embarrassing at all. Anyway, I swear it was the cooker. I got one for Christmas (from guess who?) and I have used it since with no problem.

Congratulations, Stephanie! Email me to let me know your mailing information.

Everyone else, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to buy your own copy. Better luck next time…

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