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Grilling Cookbooks 2009

I’m a reformed cookbook addict. I used to buy a couple a month. Last year, I cut back on my collection. If I hadn’t cooked a recipe out of it, or used it as a reference for a year, I got rid of it.
*Actually, I could have cut back to these three lists: cookbooks, grilling cookbooks, and ethnic cookbooks. But I didn’t want to be THAT organized.

There are three grilling cookbooks I’m looking forward to this year:

Cook’s Country Best Grilling Recipes
Cooks Country magazine, a sister publication to Cook’s Illustrated, has become one of my key sources for regional American grilling. They’ve covered the USA, from Alabama barbecued chicken (the barbecue sauce is white, not red) to Santa Maria tri-tip, and everything in between.
*I have a complete collection of their magazines, but I like the idea of all the grill recipes in one place.

Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way
I’ve always wondered about Argentine grilling – I’ve read about their rich tradition of “gaucho cooking”, where they grill cattle raised on the pampas as a way of life. This sounds like it’s the definitive book on the subject.

Weber’s Way to Grill
As I’ve said before, I’m a Weber loyalist. Their cookbooks always start off with the best section on “general” grilling information. Things like how to set up a fire on a gas or charcoal grill, and how and when to cook with direct heat and indirect heat, that are perfect if you’re a beginner.
On top of that, they always have a rotisserie recipe or two for me to try out.
What inspired me to write this post was finding their web page previewing “Way To Grill” – click on this link to check it out:
*I can’t wait to try the rotisserie pork loin technique they show in the upper-left section of this page, with two loins tied together back to back. You’ll see my take on it as soon as Acme has a pork loin sale.

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