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Kindle Countdown sale on Rotisserie Chicken Grilling – Today through Thursday

Starting today, my Rotisserie Chicken Grilling cookbook is on a Kindle Countdown sale!

On Monday Jan 12, 2015 at 8AM EST, the Kindle edition of Rotisserie Chicken Grilling goes on sale for 99 cents – over 80% off the $4.99 cover price. Every day at 8AM the price will go up a dollar – Tuesday it’s $1.99, Wednesday it’s $2.99, Thursday it’s $3.99, and Friday at 8AM the book is back to the full price of $4.99.

If you want to check out Rotisserie Chicken Grilling, act fast!

On a related note, I was asked by a reader:

This book looks like your first book, Rotisserie Grilling. What’s the difference?

The difference? Lots and lots of chicken.

I think chicken is the killer app for the rotisserie, the best way to show off what a rotisserie can do. There were a bunch of extra chicken recipes that I couldn’t fit in the original book, some of which I had a really hard time cutting out. I couldn’t give up on those recipes; I love them too much. The result is Rotisserie Chicken Grilling; all chicken, all the time.

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  1. Chuck Cook says

    Already bought it at the exorbitant $4.99 a while back. Haven’t used it yet but am looking forward to doing so. Your other rotisserie cookbook has won me rave reviews from family and friends with respect to pork and lamb! And my in-laws are Greek – so they know!

  2. Chuck Cook says

    I use the Weber kettle accessory and thought it pure folly when I bought it. So I guess I should thank you for showing me the light.

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