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Measuring Cup Massacre (Another Kitchen Gadget Murder)



I open my kitchen cabinet, and what do I see? Yet another gadget, cut down in the prime of life. Oh, the humanity!

This is what I get for having agents of entropy do the dishes. (Those agents of entropy also know my kids.) A roving band of teenagers constantly remind me the universe trends towards chaos. No matter how many times I say “Gently! Careful! Easy there!”, they still bang stuff around like it’s made out of adamantium.

This time, it was the 1-cup beaker from my set of Oxo Measuring Beakers. Sigh. Time to re-order. Kitchen gadgets aren’t supposed to be consumables, right?

Oxo 7-Piece Measuring Beaker Set [Amazon.com]

What do you think?

Share your tales of kids destroying everything in the comments section below.

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  1. Vera says

    Sooooo sorry to read about the demise of the Plastic measuring cup. One would think that the company would have made it impact proof (LOL)!!! having said that will you purchase the same one again? Not me. Should be another product to see if it stands up to the task and still be usable. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, no, it’s not Oxo’s fault! I have already ordered another set. They’re made of impact resistant plastic, and I don’t baby them – I bang them around a lot. They just aren’t built to withstand “teenager in a rush to get back to fortnight and slamming pots and pans around” level impacts.

  2. I think that when a manufacturer makes a product instead of just cooks they should have teens use, wash and store for the product testing.

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