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Montreal and Maine Suggestions? (East Coast Road Trip 2017)

How we'll be spending our summer vacation | DadCooksDinner.com

How we’ll be spending our summer vacation

DadCooksDinner is on the road again! My day job gives me a month long sabbatical every five years. It’s that time again, so I’m using it to take a trip out East. I have two teenagers and a pre-teen. (How did that happen so fast?) So I think this is our last chance for a while to take a big family road trip.

I’ve never been to Maine, so we are heading there to spend a week at Acadia national park. We’re going by way of Montreal for a few days (my wife’s request), to Maine, and then driving down the east coast to New York City (the kids request.)

After that, we’re heading to my family’s cottage on Lake Erie, to hang out by the beach until the end of the month.

Why am I telling you all this? Two reasons:

  1. Posting will be spotty for the month of July. I have some posts ready to go, but not enough for the whole month, and posting three times a week is probably not going to happen. (Unless I get really enthusiastic about sharing my vacation photos. If you are really, really interested in vacation photos, you should follow me Instagram.)
  2. I need restaurant recommendations! Anyone out there familiar with Montreal or the Acadia/Bar Harbor area of Maine? I know to get Poutine in Montreal, and Lobster Rolls in Maine, but that’s all I know…what else is out there?
  3. I think we’re OK on New York City – our problem there is we have too many places to go – but if there’s anything we absolutely should not miss, let me know.

Thanks everyone, and I’ll see you all in August!

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  1. Steve Coppage says

    Keep coming south to Maryland for Crabs, Crabcakes, and sail the Chesapeake Bay!

  2. Elsie says

    I recommend Patisserie Kouign Amann in Montreal. They have fabulous pastries, including their namesake, Kouign Amann. Where are you driving from? Also, yes to the smoked meat suggestion.

  3. Vincent Moreau says

    For smoked meat, you can also check out Lester’s Deli which is a bit off the beaten track. For the most finest experience, you should try Joe Beef or Le pied de cochon (they invented the poutine with foie gras), although you need to book well in advance. For a less casual experience, the Pied de cochon has a food truck (http://montreal.streetfoodquest.com/fr/entity/camion/Camion_Au_Pied_de_Cochon). A nice place which is actually kid-friendly is Tapeo. Otherwise, make sure to visit the Jean-Talon market. Have a good trip!

  4. Elsie says

    Just read that you went to the Jean-Talon market. We go there every fall to buy Scotch Bonnet peppers (not habaneros) as I can’t find them anywhere else. Enjoy your time in Canada!

  5. Chris Charron says

    Acadia is amazing. Definitely check out the Jordan House in Acadia and have some of their fresh popovers. Bar Harbor is a really cool town too with lots of different restaurants and bars.

  6. Judith says

    When we go to Maine we always go to Schoodic Peninsula which is part of Acadia but across the harbor from Bar Harbor. It’s like a microcosm of the big island. Winter Harbor is the name of the town and you can take the ferry there from Bar Harbor.
    If you do go further down the state towards Boston you will come to Maine and the marvelous Maine Diner. http://mainediner.com/ They have several multi-award winning dishes. My favorite is the seafood chowder.

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