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Nothing is certain except…

Oh, boy... | DadCooksDinner.com

Oh, boy…

The good news about writing a relatively successful food blog? It provides a little side income.

The bad news about writing a relatively successful food blog? Side income complicates my taxes.

No new post today – I’m busy bookkeeping, sorting documents, and entering info into TurboTax. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who does his own taxes. Someday the blog may make enough to get someone to do my taxes…but I have a hard time paying for something I can do myself.

I’ll see everyone next week with a new recipe!


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  1. Hi Mike,

    Almost since I’ve been filing taxes my husband and I have filed our own, and I’m a self employed business owner. Definitely adds to the confusion, especially when I have to sub-contract work out. So I will happily add myself to your group of “weirdos”. My husband and I are also huge “handypeople”,(probably not a word) electrical, plumbing, woodworking, auto mechanic, cook, floor laying/refinishing, tile laying, I’m thinking you get the drift. We refuse to pay people to do things we can do ourselves. So if weirdo is the new “smart” I guess we’re early to the club. Keep being weird!!


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