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On the road again: Tortelli in Verona, Italy

Tortelli class in Verona, Italy

Tortelli class in Verona, Italy

Sorry this post is late; I think I lost a day to travel somewhere. That, or I’m actually relaxing on my vacation – a food writing workshop in Verona, Italy.

Today was a tortelli making class in a local restaurant. The staff showed us how, then stood back to let us try. We did OK – we are a bunch of food writers, after all. But we were not the pros. They roll and fold with flair, smooth and effortless.

Posting will be a little sparse for the next week or so, until I get home. After that, I apologize in advance for all the “Well, when I was in Italy…” stories.

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  1. razzy 7 says

    Well it’s okay if posting is a little sparse for awhile, Mike as long as you take lots of photos and share the experience in detail when you return :-).

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