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Review (And Giveaway) of Rotisserie Grilling over at Casual Kitchen

Mike’s book covers literally everything: You’ll learn how to set up your own rotisserie at home. You’ll learn the pros and cons of different types of grills. You’ll learn everything you need to know to make magazine-caliber meals out of rotisserie poultry, pork, beef, roasts, ribs and lamb. You’ll learn the techniques of trussing, spitting (no, not that kind of spitting), salting, brining, dry and wet rubs, marinating–even “brinerating.” And Mike also shares more than fifty of his top favorite rotisserie recipes.
[Dan Koontz, CasualKitchen.blogspot.com]

Dan is a long-time blog friend of DadCooksDinner, and I sent him a copy of Rotisserie Grilling for review. On top of the glowing comments, he did some freelance proofreading, finding a couple corrections I missed. (Dan also writes the Quick Writing Tips blog.) Thank you, Dan!

Casual Kitchen is giving away two Kindle copies of Rotisserie Grilling. Get over there before Monday the 24th, leave a comment with a link to your favorite grilling recipe, and you could win a copy. Tell him Mike sent you!

Giveaway! Rotisserie Grilling [casualkitchen.blogspot.com]

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