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Road Trip: Lehman’s Old Time Hardware

Lehman’s Old Time Hardware, located in Kidron, Ohio, specializes in non-electric tools. Their plan was to sell to local Amish communities, but when people found out about them, their business blossomed. The store started as a barn, and now it sprawls across multiple connected barns and buildings. I love to wander around and see what I find in the nooks and crannies.
Last time I saw a full-sized scythe handle on the wall. I half expected to see Death in line at the checkout counter, bony hands sticking out of his robe, pushing a shopping cart with the handle inside.

Why do I love Lehman’s so much? Because a ton of those non-powered tools are for home cooking. Cast iron pots, cutting boards, cutlery, canning jars, camp stoves…and that’s just the items that start with “C”. Need to satisfy your kitchen gadget lust? A trip to Kidron is just what the doctor ordered.
*After seeing their stock of cast iron, I may be underestimating. It might be two tons of home cooking equipment.

Lehman’s Old Time Hardware

4779 Kidron Road
Dalton, OH 44636
Phone: (330) 828-8828
Web: Lehmans.com

My top five list of favorite things they sell are, in no particular order:

  1. Cast Iron: Looking for new cast iron? This is the place. Lehman’s stocks every cast iron pan Lodge makes. (OK, maybe not every pan…but I couldn’t think of one they did not have on the shelf. They have cast iron from other manufacturers, like Wagner and Best Duty.
  2. Canning supplies: They carry the entire range of Ball/Kerr canning jars. This includes harder-to-find jars like the Ball 12oz tall jelly jar and the Kerr half pint wide mouth jar. They also carry European brands of canning jars, like Weck and Leifheit. Looking for any other canning equipment? They’ve got it.
  3. Enameled Steel: When my recipes recommend a drip pan in the bottom of my grill, you’ll see a beautiful speckled red model from Crow Canyon. I bought it at Lehman’s. (As well as the blue speckled cup I use as a small sauce pot.) There is a room full of enamelware, from Granite Ware and CGS as well as Crow Canyon.
  4. Kitchen gadgets: The array of kitchen gadgets they carry is awe-inspiring. From A (apple corers) to Z (zesters), and everything in between.
  5. Pellet grills: I think the pellet grills are cheating. Lehman’s is supposed to be about non-electric tools. Then I go out on their little side patio where they keep demo models, and smell barbecue. A collection of Traeger and Memphis grills are smoking away. I open the closest grill, smoke pours out, and see a gorgeous beef brisket. I’ll forgive the extension cords this one time.

Here’s the map:

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