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Five Fun Food Finds – July 2015


Mountain Goat, Glacier National Park

I am writing this from part two of my vacation, at my family’s cottage on Lake Erie.1 It’s probably good for me to disconnect for a while – no wi-fi, spotty cell phone coverage – but as a food blogger who loves grilling, I feel like I’m missing Prime Time.2 Here are some great posts from the last few months to keep you entertained while I sip a delicious beverage and watch the sun set over the lake.

1. ChefSteps: A Complete Guide to Sous Vide Packaging

Whenever I post a sous vide recipe, I get questions about the safety of cooking in plastic. Is it safe? With the plastics used for vacuum bags (and freezer zip-top bags), at sous vide temperatures, yes, it is safe.3 For more details, see this fantastic guide from ChefSteps, answer questions about all sorts of sous vide packaging:

2. Weber Blog/Mike Lang – Rotisserie Grilling for Entertaining

Friend-of-the-blog Mike Lang of AnotherPintPlease.com is guest blogging at Weber. You know me and rotisserie – how could I resist his Rotisserie Grilling for Entertaining post?

Bonus! My Weber Blog posts

Mike isn’t the only Mike around here guest blogging on Weber.com:

3. Grillocracy: 10 Simple Hacks to Help Step Up Your Grilling Game

I met Clint at Certified Angus Beef’s #GrillTalk class; here he is with ten great grilling tips. My most used one is #2, create a grilling brush with herbs, and I plan on trying some of the others, especially #4, grilling fish on slices of citrus.

4. MexicoInMyKitchen: You say Skewers… I say Alambres!

Mely is another friend-of-the-blog from Twitter; here are her gorgeous ribeye kebabs:

5. Hell’s Handle Perforated Spatula

Dad! That’s a bad word!

My kids are scandalized by my new grill spatula – but I like it so much that I don’t care. I prefer the 8“ by 3” perforated turners for flipping my burgers, and the handle on this spatula feels right in my hand. (Plus, the handle is rated up to 450°F, no small thing when I’m working on a hot grill.)

Bonus: Dad Spotlight podcast

Tooting my own horn again: When Chris Lewis and Don Jackson asked me to do a monthly “Cooking for Dads” segment on their Dad Spotlight podcast, I jumped at the chance. Check me out on Episode #2, talking about 4th of July grilling, and Episode #9 (I think – as I wrote this, it hasn’t posted yet), talking about quick weeknight meals at the last minute.

What do you think?

Questions? Any fun food finds I missed? Leave them in the comments section below.

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