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Pressure Cooker Recipe Booklets

When I bought my first pressure cooker, recipes were few and far between. There were Lorna Sass’s books, Miss Vickie’s website, and…that was it. I became a pressure cooker recipe collector, saving them whenever I found them.

Over the last couple of years, pressure cookers took off. Every time I turn around, another big cooking website has a feature on pressure cookers. Modernist Cuisine sang the praises of the pressure cooker, and Laura over at Hip Pressure Cooking has dedicated herself to pushing the frontier.
Pressure cooker Dulce de Leche? My goodness. I’m going to try it…but the idea of pressure cooking a sealed can makes me want to hide behind a blast shield while it cooks.

There is another source for pressure cooker recipes that I want to share. Pressure cooker manufacturers. Pressure cookers usually include a recipe booklet, and more and more of those booklets are available online. If you have a web browser and a PDF reader, you have a bunch of recipes at your fingertips.
Who cares if you own a Fagor pressure cooker, but get recipes from Kuhn Rikon? They both operate at 15 PSI. Watch out for electric pressure cooker recipes; electric PCs usually max out at 10 PSI, so their recipes take about 20% longer to cook.

The best recipe booklet is from the Godfather of pressure cooking, Kuhn Rikon. Quick Cuisine [PDF] is 100 pages of pressure cooker recipes, tips, and how-to. If you have a pressure cooker, and don’t already have a copy of Quick Cuisine, grab this booklet.
[Update 2013-10-11: Kuhn Rikon took the PDF of Quick Cuisine offline during a website redesign. Darn! The only way to get it is to order the paperback version through their website. It comes free with all K-R pressure cookers, so I wouldn’t bother.]

[Update 2015-03-20: I  have a different Kuhn Rikon PDF, thanks to commenter David Brown. It’s not the same Quick Cuisine PDF, but it is a Kuhn Rikon PDF, from their UK branch.]

[Update 2015-08-06: Commenter Paula found a link to Quick Cuisine in the Internet Archive. Thank you, Paula!]

Here are the other manuals with recipes I’ve been able to find.
*If I’m missing any good sources of recipes, please let us know in the comments.

Pressure Cooker Manufacturer Recipes

Kuhn Rikon Quick Cuisine [PDF, via] Get this one!
Kuhn Rikon Fresh Food Fast [PDF,]
Fagor Pressure Cooker Recipe Library [Website,]
Fagor Pressure Cooker Home Canning Cookbook [PDF,]
Fagor Dessert Kit Recipes [PDF,]
Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes [PDF,]
Presto 8 Quart Pressure Cooker Instruction Manual [PDF,]
T-Fal Pressure Cooking with Jamie Oliver [PDF, (Swiss version of T-Fal Website), h/t commenter AB]
Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes [PDF,]

What do you think? Other Pressure Cooker recipe books I missed? Leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. Valerie says

    I’ve been pressure cooking since January of this year with my Cuisinart CPC-600 and I absolutely love it! Where has this been all my cooking life? {grin} I braved the territory of dulce de leche in the PC thanks to Laura and was not disappointed. Two cans sans labels, cooked on their side in my steamer basket with water to the max line for 15 minutes on high pressure. I released the pressure naturally and basically avoided my kitchen for a couple of hours, because I, too, was a wee bit nervous. Laura recommends letting them cool down in the water, so that’s what I did. It resulted in a beautiful, thick, creamy, deeply delicious dulce de leche. Eaten with a spoon. And ladyfingers. {wink}

    I’m enjoying your site and am glad to have tripped upon it. I’ve had mixed results on cooking beans in the PC and am going to have a go at your Tex-Mex broth-based version. Tamales are on the menu for this weekend as we trim the tree, and you can’t go wrong with a pot of beans! Thanks very much; I plan to be back, often!

      • Paula says

        My pleasure!! But I was only able to find it because you left the original broken link up. So thank you!!! Whenever you have a link that no longer works you can always try the url at before giving up. 🙂 my amazing husband taught me that trick. 🙂

  2. David Brown says

    Awesome site. Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, you can still download Kuhn Rikon’s recipe book from their UK site. Just google the file name, quick_cuisine.pdf and it shows up as the first (at least for me) result.

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