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Road Trip: Sherman Provision

Looking for pork in the Akron area? Sherman Provisions is worth a trip. From simple cuts like pork loin and Boston butt, through pork jowls, and trotters, neck bones and pork belly. They even have whole pig heads available in their meat case. And, if you need a whole pig, give them a call – they can fill the order with at least week’s notice.

It’s not just pork, they are a full service butcher. Sherman’s has homemade sausage, aged beef, fresh chicken, a wide variety of smoked meats, and a small but exotic international dry goods section.
*I think the dry goods are mainly Eastern European, but I don’t recognize the language on the packages. If you know the nationality (nationalities?) of their international section, please tell me in the comments!

Sherman Provision
3998 Johnson Road
Norton, OH 44203

My Top 5 list:

1. Pork: I was in hog heaven. Whole loins, Boston butts, spare ribs, entire pork shoulders with the skin on. Sides of pork belly, both cured for bacon and uncured. Did I mention the pig heads? Seeing that snout and floppy ears in the meat case shows a dedication to pork that demands respect.

2. Whole pigs: Want to buy a 20 pound suckling pig? How about a 300 pound hog? Something in between? Give them a call, they can get it for you.

3. Homemade sausage: Sherman’s breakfast sausage was a Sunday morning hit. They also make sweet and hot Italian, garlicky Hungarian, and country sausage.

4. Aged beef: Of course, they have a wide range of beef cuts. But the whole aged rib roast was calling to me. It will be mine.

5. Homemade bacon: Do I need to say more?

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  1. John K. says

    My new favorite place! I too was in “hog heaven”… The family loved the beef and pork I picked up last Saturday. And I’m looking forward to going back this weekend!

    Thanks for letting me know about Sherman’s Mike!

  2. Tammi Velez says

    We are so lucky, because this place is close to us. We shop here for our meats and a few other things and at a Mennonite market for fresh veggies and fruits and a few dry goods. I can avoid the grocery stores most of the time.

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