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Things I Love: Oxo Mini-Whisk

Yellow silicone whisk with a black handle on a black background
Oxo 9-inch silicone whisk

Most of the time, I don’t need a big whisk. I’m mixing a stir-fry sauce, a cornstarch slurry, or melted chocolate. That’s why I reach for this Oxo 9-inch silicone whisk.

(Disclaimer: this post is not promoted by OXO. I bought all the whisks with my own money. I am an Amazon affiliate, so if you buy something through one of the links on this page, I get a small commission, and you help support DadCooksDinner at no extra cost. Thank you!)

Larger whisks are awkward in a small bowl (or a measuring cup). They are also top-heavy in a smaller container; when I try to leave them in the bowl, the weight of the handle catapults sauce all over my kitchen counter.

A balloon whisk, a mini-whisk, and a french whisk on a black background
Choose your weapon – my whisk lineup, with the mini-whisk in the middle

The mini-whisk just feels better with my cooking style. The silicone coating protects nonstick surfaces, so I can whisk a sauce right in the pan. The smaller size fits well in my utensil drawer. And it’s a sunny yellow, something I need this time of year, when the winter prediction is It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.

Ahem. Sorry. Getting a little sick of Gray February here in Northeastern Ohio. Where was I? Right, whisks.

Check out this Oxo mini-whisk. You won’t be disappointed.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Whisk, 9″, Yellow [Amazon.com]

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  1. Julie Rood says

    Silicone whisks are so much fun to use, because you know clean-up is going to be miraculously quick! And the mini’s are transformative! You never knew you needed one so bad! Love mine!

  2. Greybeard says

    Looks nice — I’d buy one of these if it had a hole in the handle to hang it by. Yeah, I could hang it by the business end, but then nothing else will fit on the hook. I’m short on space already (yes, too many utensils) and can’t afford to waste a whole hook!

  3. Oxo makes the best whisks! I have an Oxo whisk similar to your top one but narrower. I love that whisk! I have tried to find another one like it but haven’t had any luck so my whisk is treated with much care. My family thinks I’m a little nuts, which is probably true lol!, but a good whisk is hard to find. Trust me I know.

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