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Throwback Thursday: Pressure Cooker Mexican Stew with Summer Vegetables

Pressure Cooker Mexican Pork Stew With Summer Vegetables |

Pressure Cooker Mexican Pork Stew With Summer Vegetables


Programming note: I’m on vacation for most of July, out of town with my family. (Last week was Chicago, next week is Lake Erie.) To keep the blog posts coming, I’m bringing back popular recipes from my archives for Throwback Thursday. (This also forces me to update older the formatting on older recipes. Win-win!)

Throwback Recipe Link: Pressure Cooker Mexican Pork Stew with Summer Vegetables

The height of summer vegetable season is upon us! Green beans are plentiful, and fresh corn and tomatoes are starting to show up.1

This recipe is a a favorite of mine, inspired by a corn and squash soup I had when I visited Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s a light take on Mexican; there is no heavy, dried chile based broth with this one, just fresh summer vegetables, including the classic Mexican trio of corn, beans, and squash.

Looking to use up the summer bounty of your garden, CSA, or farmers’ market? Give this stew a try. (Even better, the pressure cooker won’t heat up the house as much with its quick cooking time.)

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  1. Gisele says

    I made this last night and it was absolutely superb. Definitely a weekend dish–it was easy, but took me 90 minutes, start to finish. What a splendid way to use a lot of abundant summer veg. The whole family raved.

    Any tips for making this with chicken? I’m new to pressure cooking… could one cube some chicken thigh meat, brown it, and then just chuck everything in and do just one round (7 min.?) of pressure cooking? It wouldn’t have the lusciousness of the pork, but I bet it’d still be delicious and more weeknight friendly.

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

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