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Throwback Thursday: Removing Instant Pot Vent Cover

I had an…opportunity, yeah, that’s it, an opportunity to look up my own instructions on what to do if you dump water into your Instant Pot base without the liner in it.

Two opportunities, to be exact – someone made the same mistake twice in a row. It’s a good thing I have four pressure cookers…

Phillips head on the left, Torx T15 on the right

While I was drying them out, I took a few pictures of removing the plastic Vent Cover on the new(er) Instant Pot Duo Plus, Ultra, and Max, and updated my What to Do post. The only real gotcha was the Instant Pot Max, which uses a Torx T15 screw. I had to dig deep into my toolbox to find that one. (The Duo Plus and Ultra use a Phillips head screw.)

Post: What to Do if I Dump Liquid Into My Instant Pot Without the Pot Liner – DadCooksDinner

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  1. Cary Hill says

    Hi Mike. I really feel for you, actually twice. I’m glad to hear you were able to rescue your pots. Although I have not made the same mistake, it is very thoughtful of you to take the time to show us what to do in the event this occurrence happens to one of your readers. I believe it is just one of the many reasons you have such a huge and faithful following. Thank you!

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