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Video: Rotisserie Grilling Two Chickens

Do you want a walkthrough of how to grill two rotisserie chickens? I have a video just for you:

Video link: Rotisserie Grilling Two Chickens – []

*I had the hardest time saying “spit fork”. Kind of important for this video. I just couldn’t…spit it out.


Here is the recipe that goes with the video:
Rotisserie Chicken with Fennel, Coriander, and Red Pepper Rub

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  1. dieter reese says

    great instruction video, it will safe me a lot of time compared to the way I used to do it
    Thanks for the video

  2. Michelle says

    Thanks for a great video! I used it to help me through my first time using the rotisserie for chicken on our new Weber grill last night. It turned out to be some of the best chicken any of us had every had. Thank you for the fantastic tutorial!

  3. Andy Suplee says

    I did this over the weekend and they turned out great! I stuffed each bird with a quarter of an onion and a long sprig of rosemary, and that worked nicely. By the way, thanks for the trussing video, it helped a lot. The carcasses ended up giving their all for a pretty terrific stock, too.

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