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Can you swap Instant Pot lids?

Instant Pot Ultra 6 Quart |

In my Instant Pot Ultra review, I went on and on about the fantastic auto-locking lid. It’s amazing, but my frustrations with the Ultra’s control knob were sending me back to my trusty Instant Pot Duo.

That led several commenters to ask: why didn’t I put the Ultra lid on the Duo Plus, and get the best of both worlds?

Now, I have to say THIS IS PROBABLY A TERRIBLE IDEA and pressure cookers should not be played with and I’m a trained professional1 on a closed course, and past performance is no indicator of future returns, and your mileage may vary. In other words, don’t try this at home.

But, they fit so perfectly…they are exactly the same size…why not give it a try?

Sure enough, they work fine. I kind of knew this already. A couple of times the lids got swapped in the cabinet, I didn’t notice, and I ran the Ultra with the Duo Plus lid. It kind of figures that the two are interchangeable.

But, again, THIS PROBABLY VOIDS MY WARRANTY AND I AM IN NO WAY SUGGESTING THAT just because the lids are exactly the same size and designed for the same cooker base that YOU SHOULD SWAP THEM. THAT’S A BAD IDEA, KIDS.

So. Um. Here’s video!

Video: Can You Swap Instant Pot Lids? (1:10)

Video: Can You Swap Instant Pot Lids? []

What do you think?

Questions? Other ideas? Leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. Not trained, not a professional. ↩︎

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  1. Lora says

    This is one for the books and has me scratching me head….I bought an IP Duo Plus 6qt 9 in 1. My friend wanted one toooo!! She ordered one which was described as a IP Duo Plus 9 in 1. While she was waiting for hers to be delivered I was sharing my limited knowledge (only had my a few months). She called me in a panic yesterday because she didn’t understand what I had stressed to her “make sure you move the black paddle to sealing” before starting. She said hers just spun around. No No I say, that’s not right. Within minutes she was at my doorstep IP in hand. Her IP definitely says Duo Plus and is identical to mine in every way except a couple of the preset buttons are in different spots and she has a Sous Vide button. (?) After viewing your video it is evident that she has an Ultra lid on a Duo Plus body. So I guess the lids are interchangeable. But it is still a mystery why the differences between mine Duo Plus and hers.

    • I think she got a Duo Nova – the brand new Duo Plus replacement, which has this style of lid- but I’m just guessing.

  2. Shelby says

    I think it’s a matter of physics. All of the differences in the Instant Pot models are contained in the base. That’s where the programming and the heating takes place. The only function the lid has is to contain the pressure within the pot and provide a way to release the pressure once cooking is done. The differences between lids is just in the type of pressure valve and release they have. The pressure levels all the pots reach are the same.

  3. Sigrid Trombley says

    Why don’t you contact the folks at Instant Pot. Exchanging lids might be a perfectly acceptable thing to do. OR if it’s not, perhaps IP could explain why one shouldn’t do it and you could/would change your You Tube video and explain why it shouldn’t be done. As you imply, just because you can do something (i.e. it’s possible) doesn’t mean you should. It’s also possible doing so could create a safety issue.

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